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A brighter future for Erith

Erith Park design approach

The overall scale of the development is significantly reduced in height from the former tower blocks. Apartment buildings have been located to address the edge condition along the North End Road and these reduce in height towards the inner face of the development to correspond to the adjacent housing streets.

The design ethos is one of inclusivity, accessibility, safety and connectivity. The goal is to create a new residential neighbourhood that will consolidate a new character for the area and attract new residents to Erith.

Erith Park allows for the physical and visual permeability of the site whilst also shielding against the strategic transport road to the east. At the heart of the site, traditional street patterns of terraced houses form a continual residential frontage which is articulated in height by introducing a variation of three and two storey dwellings.

The development adopts a ‘tenure blind’ approach which integrates the character of the site through the creation of a uniform architectural language. The application of a singular language for the building elevations creates a distinguishable and positive identity for the scheme. This commonality in the design is implemented across apartment buildings and houses through the use of a shared palette of materials and architectural details.

The apartment buildings contain a variety of one and two bedroom apartments and they are designed to create an attractive rhythm along the eastern route. The changing mass of the buildings helps to articulate and reveal the entrances and routes into the site and adds variety to the streetscape along Northend Road. Considerate, in the approach, the changing scale of the buildings also allows the reduced building mass to relate appropriately to the neighbouring houses.

The housing typologies play an intrinsic part in the creation of the new Erith Park community. Careful consideration has been given to articulate individual houses and streets with façade and massing that is appropriate to the scale and type of development proposed. Through the choice of brick tones, the placement of extruded dormer windows across the streetscape and the use of a rhythmic fenestration pattern, an individual character were formed for each terrace of houses whilst still retaining the key components of the overarching design agenda.

Permeability into Erith Park is a key aspect to the success of the place making; the apartment buildings and houses are designed to provide a welcoming and distinctive pedestrian friendly gateway from all sides of the site. The architecture speaks to the local London vernacular employing London brick to articulate a language common to the area. A consistent rhythm of roof dormer lanterns punctuates the facades of the houses; these important living spaces provide a unifying visual marker along the new streets created with the development.

The plan shape affords apartments with dual aspect and high level apartments with views of the River Thames, reinforcing a sense of place and providing a visual guide to understanding the setting of the buildings within the built environment and local context.

We have invested in quality materials in key areas where we it will work hardest to add value to the scheme.  The Parklex cladding was chosen over cheaper alternatives for its honeyed warmth and stability over time.  Velfac windows had a slimmer profile than alternative products.  The use of a contrast dark grey brick also added interest and variety to elevations. 

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